We are now offering weekly orders of customer favorites!

Our priority is health and safety, so we will be taking things slowly and carefully, with a vision to keep expanding as we safely can. Currently, we are offering a limited menu of bread, bagels and bialys once a week. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Details, please read carefully:

  • Orders open on Friday for the following week.
  • Orders are baked on Thursdays and available for pick-up between 2 and 6pm
  • When you come to pick up your order, give us a call and we will come meet you outside the shop.
  • Please wear a mask. We will too!
  • Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate pickups outside the pickup window, Thursdays 2-6pm. We aren’t regularly in the shop Friday-Sunday, and can’t do a later pickup. If you miss the pickup window, you will not get a refund. Thanks!
  • Details subject (and likely) to change week-to-week. We’re figuring it out!

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We specialize in naturally leavened sourdough breads with deep flavor and hearty crusts. Our rotating selection includes favorites such as everyday sourdough boules, cheddar scallion, seed bread, deli pumpernickel, and malt rye.

Our bagels are truly a labor of love. They are naturally leavened, long-risen, boiled in malted water and baked in a hot oven for the perfect favor and texture.

If you’re unfamiliar with bialys, they are chewy like a bagel but more open, like an English muffin. The indentation in the center is smeared with roasted onions. If you are familiar with bialys, you know how delicious they are, and are probably very excited to see them available in Minneapolis.